Three Legs and a Model is a brand which provide cyclists with handcrafted bags and accessories for everyday use on and off the bike.

Emmanuel Andreou, Three Legs and a Model Co-Founder and Head Designer, having worked for several years as a fashion and costume designer, decided to start his own brand in Athens, Greece, and channel all his knowledge into designing accessories for our favorite mean of transportation: the bicycle. Somewhere between his creativity, his retro classic style and his cycling life, Three Legs and Model was born.

Named after our two dogs, Jarvis, a proud Kurzhaar, and Cohen, a stray dog that due to a car accident has lost one his back legs, Three Legs and a Model’s goal is to combine the retro and the refined urban design with comfort and practicality.


Three Legs and a Model believes in the mutual trust between the brand and its employees. During the process of founding the brand, we saw great potential in the Greek craftsmanship and decided to work with and -at the same time- educate the local craftsmen in new production techniques. Ever since he continuously provides the technicians with guidance and he is very active during the production process. As a result, Three Legs and a Model bags and accessories are products of high craftsmanship.

Supplies are a key part of the process of creating the products. The bags are made by high tech and innovative materials with self-clean utilities.
Three Legs and a Model’s goal is to produce bags which are resistant and everlasting. At the same time, the brand is characterized by consciousness on sustainability issues and for this reason the extensive use of leather is avoided.

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